Friday, November 25, 2011

25.11.11 !♥


Ohmaigod,finally i won you! i have you! im happy. Before,kita kawan kan? tapi dah ber-lebiulebiu dah :p hikhik,everyday you are the one who makes me happy sayang. Kita pernah terpisah kan? sedih kan? hmm,that day when you said that,i feels damn down! im sad,but you've changed it. and just now once again you broke my heart. sayang,about a few hours a go you took back my heart! sayang,i do love you from the first time i knew you. i hope we will last together. I love the way you treat me. That day,we find the star ohmaigod its damn sweet :) ILOVEYOU! P/S:ILOVEYOUMYONLYSWEETHOTANGLESWEETHEARTSOFEANARYNACHUBBYBUNNYSTAR

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy 1st month Siti Amyra Bt Adnan

We cried ,laugh,smile,hug,kiss,sad,happy and all the thing we made together.Im happy i've found you:) Please,dont ever leave me coz i need you all the time :') belive me,you're the best i ever had :'')